“Let's give them something to talk about.“

"Go get the camera" he'd cheer, music pulsing, drinks pouring, hands in the air. The whole family would be over, friends, coworkers, and clients. Tremendo Show. Online marketing was good for us. We always had a camera and it was a great conversation starter for new clients. I suppose it was a callback to his early years before Hurricane Andrew when he was Andy Rodriguez, Wedding Videographer.

I'd always take the bulky camera to school. The journalism teacher and I had an accord… Get out of class and hall passes in exchange for shooting whatever the paper needed.

I’d eventually move up to a 30D which lasted till college and geared into a 70D just to have one around. Later in life, I left freelance IT and joined one of my growing clients. Having met my wife provided stability as we grew our family. I'd always known as IT, I'd fit into any business puzzle. It came naturally and for 20 years that's all I focused on.

LinkedIn says “Anything with a Power Button” since “IT Director” seemed boring. I had the whole studio wired on a single switch. From storyboard to editing, we had quite the attraction for facility tours. I was shooting all events for the company. Folks were asking for my business card and replying, I'm just the IT Guy!

The sales team loved going to Blue Martini Brickell, my 2nd home amongst the neon lights, doing my rounds, waiting for a few drinks to get the grumpy ones to join in.

The following day, we'd pour over the photos, reliving and laughing about what it was like to be there. Over time noticing what made photos winners and striving to improve, learning composition.

Our video production days were a trip with blooper mixes performing better than anything else. Wrestling all sorts of salespeople and clients to perform on Green Screen was quite the adventure. It was a circus but I had the freedom to create, explore, learn and make mistakes.

Decades removed from my father's work, I'd echo his passion and try something different. My mother winning a prize at work gifted us 2 weeks in paradise. Through luck and chance, we found ourselves on a honeymoon to Hawaii. With that in motion, a personal challenge... was this indeed the life I wanted to live and could I do this... all the time?

I loaded the 70D with primes, telephotos, and wides, not knowing what I'd encounter and wanting to be prepared for it all. Each night I’d charge my gear, sync the cards, and plan the next day's kit.

My wife jokes that I spent longer shooting a pigeon on our balcony than I did her... Not True! 7,000 photos later landing in Miami, ThatsKrispy LLC was born. Seeking to help small businesses with Social Media Management, Building Websites, and Media Production.

Looking to provide a higher level of production quality, I switched to team Sony and geared into what would allow me to say Yes. I'd go on to shoot everything I could get my lens on, friends, family, new clients, and leaving shoots energized with excitement over what we’d created. I enjoy helping others and rising to any challenge. I suppose that's my IT side solving puzzles.

Half the battle is being prepared, remaining calm in the face of chaos, and holding your word.  There's a lot of effort in this game, not just the gear, having backups, and keeping your cool. It's important to respect the client's time too, their planning, outfits, getting ready, and looking perfect. So much energy goes into a great shoot.

Don't forget to bring some jams, for a few hours, your clients are the rockstars, and it's important to make it memorable. Each time I head out, it's about the experience. Giving them a loving memory to look back on, that slight smirk while swiping photos. Capturing memories for the families, sharing with friends, and filling their hearts with pride.